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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tianjie TJ-S2.43 SPMT 600t Bridge Section Load In&Out

Tianjie TJ-S2.43 SPMT 600t Bridge Section Load In&Out(Location: Zhuhai, South China)

Using 4 x 6lines Tianjie SPMT module + 2 x PPU(390)

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THI-Fulangjie, member of Wuhan Tianjie Heavy Industries.

Friday, August 24, 2012

THI-Fulangjie TJ-S2.43 SPMT Dynamic Demo

Tianjie Heavy Industries (THI) of Wuhan, Hubei province, China recently launched its TJ-S2.43 SPMT to meet the demand for transporting large scale, oversize and overweight cargo equipment that cannot be disassembled.
Applications for the SPMT include short distance transport, port load-in and load-out, ship building, offshore engineering, nuclear power, high-speed railway, road and bridge, and wind power sectors.
At the launch, Guangdong Lift Engineering Machinery, which THI says is the biggest heavy transport and lift engineering company in South China, signed an agreement for procurement for 120 axle lines of the TJ-S2.43 SPMT.
The first 20 axle lines of TJ-S2.43 SPMT have been operating in Wuchang Shipyard, with the THI intelligent micro movement function achieving a high working efficiency during a ship hull joint operation.
An additional 52 axle lines of SPMT are being delivered to Zhuhai, South China for the large scale Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge construction project.
China Ocean Oil Cooperation, Wuchang Shipbuilding Cooperation, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Cooperation, Wison Heavy Industries, CIMC-Raffles, Sinotrans, and Cosco attended the demonstration.
THI's patented entire intelligent micro movement transport, visual programming control system, and intelligent fault alarm positioning system improve efficiency and prevent misoperation, so that the products to have maximum convenience, safety and protection during the transport process.
With ten years of heavy transport equipment manufacturing experience, THI have both domestic and overseas customers.
Liu Xuan, CEO of THI, said, "The successful launch and operation of TJ-S2.43 SPMT is symbolic of the fact that THI is one of the leading heavy transport equipment manufacturers in the world."
"THI think about what customers think and expect and will keep developing and launching good quality, compatible but evolving heavy transport equipment solutions with a full set of global after sales services for customers with heavy transport project needs."

Source: Cranes Today

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Born for your mega weight transport mission!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tiandi lança linha de eixo autopropelida

Tiandi lança linha de eixo autopropelida

O fabricante chinês de equipamentos de transporte especiais Fulangjie (também conhecido como Tiandi) lança na China conjunto autopropelido para o transporte em contêineres.
O TJ-S2.43 oferece uma capacidade de 40 toneladas por linha de eixo. Ele é projetado para todo o mundo venda e tem marcação CE. O aumento da capacidade ao longo dos habituais 36 toneladas por eixo de linha é conseguido com um design forte chassi usando Q690 aço de alto grau, o fabricante disse. Cada uma das quatro rodas por linha carrega um pneu Continental tubo 355/65-15PR24/80.
As primeiras 10 linhas de eixo TJ-S2.43 foram combinados, com um módulo de linha 4 eixos e um módulo de linha de eixo 6, para o teste. Eles passaram o teste de carga estática de 125% com uma carga de 450 toneladas, e também passou um teste de carga dinâmica a 110% com uma carga de 400 toneladas, Tiandi disse.
O SPMT, com o seu 390 kW (523 hp) com motor MTU unidade de bloco de poder (PPU), tem direção computadorizado multi-way eletrônico controlado via controle remoto sem fio. Ângulo da direcção máxima é de + / - 90 graus e os padrões de direção disponíveis incluem normal, caranguejo, diagonal e carrossel. Sua altura de carregamento padrão é de 1.500 mm ea suspensão hidráulica oferece um golpe de + / - 350 mm.
A primeira ordem, por mais de 300 linhas de eixo, foi a partir de um transporte pesado e chineses empresa de elevação. Entrega será a tempo de ser usado em um projeto para construir uma plataforma de 12 mil toneladas offshore. As primeiras 100 linhas de TJ-S2.43 serão entregues no final de 2011.
THI recebeu consultas de América do Sul, Europa e Oriente Médio para projetos relacionados à indústria offshore de petróleo da plataforma, e gás e construção naval.
THI Fulangjie também podem ser reconhecidos ao abrigo da Tiandi nomes e Indústrias Tianjie
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Friday, September 2, 2011

THI Fulangjie launches SPMT

Written by Alex Dahm - 26 Aug 2011
Tiandi's new 40 tonnes per axle line SPMT
Tiandi's new 40 tonnes per axle line SPMT
Specialized transport equipment manufacturer THI Fulangjie (also known as Tiandi) in China has introduced a self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) optimised for transport in containers.
The TJ-S2.43 offers a capacity of 40 tonnes per axle line. It is designed for sale worldwide and has CE marking. The increase in capacity over the usual 36 tonnes per axle line is achieved with a stronger chassis design using Q690 grade high strength steel, the manufacturer said. Each of the four wheels per line carries a Continental 355/65-15PR24/80 tube tyre.
The first 10 axle lines of TJ-S2.43 have been combined, with one 4 axle line module and one 6 axle line module, for testing. They passed the static 125% load test with a payload of 450 tonnes, and also passed a dynamic load test to 110% with a payload of 400 tonnes, Tiandi said.
The SPMT, with its 390 kW (523 hp) MTU-engined power pack unit (PPU), has computerised electronic multi-way steering controlled via wireless remote control. Maximum steering angle is +/- 90 degrees and the available steering patterns include normal, diagonal, crab and carousel. Its standard loading height is 1,500 mm and the hydraulic suspension offers a stroke of +/- 350 mm.
The first order, for more than 300 axle lines, was from a Chinese heavy transport and lifting company. Delivery will be in time to be used on a project to construct a 12,000 tonne offshore platform. The first 100 lines of TJ-S2.43 will be delivered at the end of 2011.
THI has received enquiries from South America, Europe and the Middle East for projects related to offshore platform, oil&gas, and shipbuilding industries.
THI Fulangjie may also be recognised under the names Tiandi and Tianjie Heavy Industries.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New launch: TIANDI TJ-S2.43 SPMT's

TIANDI TJ-S2.43 SPMT's by Jefflee09
TIANDI TJ-S2.43 SPMT's, a photo by Jefflee09 on Flickr.

THI-FLJ lauched new high loading capacity SPMT's -- TIANDI TJ-S2.43
Max payload 40T/axle line.